Vol. 35 of MIDEO, ed. by D. Halft OP and E. Pisani OP, is published

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[10.11.2020] This volume 35 of "Mélanges de l'Institut dominicain d'études orientales" (MIDEO) is made up of a dossier gathering most of the papers presented at the conference held in April 2018 at the Institut Catholique de Paris on the interactions between Imamites and Christians. Starting from the hypothesis that history, theology, and literature bear witness to the intercultural dimension of encounters and relationships, the authors show how the identities of each person have been shaped and constructed. The history of missionaries, accounts of travels, diplomatic letters from writers or polemicists shed light on the reality of these exchanges and the linguistic, cultural and theological transfers, beyond a dogmatic, hegemonic and closed vision of theological statements. Editors of this volume are Dr. Dennis Halft OP (Theologische Fakultät der Universität Trier / Institut M.-Dominique Chenu Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Emmanuel Pisani OP (Institut Catholique de Paris ).


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• SE: Protologie – Eschatologie (Eggensperger) >>
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VL: Kirche und Stadt – sozialethische Erwägungen (Eggensperger) >>
LK: Vom Raum aus die Stadt denken (Eggensperger) >>
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• VL: Theologie der Pastoral (Bauer) >>
• VL: Orte der Pastoral (Bauer) >>
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E. Van Stichel / Th. Eggensperger OP / M. Kalsky / U. Engel OP (Eds.), Fullness of Life and Justice for All: Dominican Perspectives, ATF Theology Adelaide, Australia 2020, 380 pp., ca. 20-25 €

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