Because the Dominicans – like all other religious communities in Germany – are not subsidized by the church, the Institute M.-Dominique Chenu depends literally the generous support of sponsors. Charitable donations directly affect the following areas: 

  • Maintenance of suitable offices and administration
  • Financial compensation of research assistants
  • Planning, execution and evaluation of research projects
  • Creation of a specialist library
  • Publication
  • Organisation and realisation of scholarly meetings and seminars

To learn more about supporting specific areas of the institute, please feel free to contact us.

Bank Account Details:
Institut M.-Dominique Chenu

Konto: 30079 00197
Bank im Bistum Essen eG
BLZ: 360 602 95
IBAN: DE70 3606 0295 3007 9001 97
Tip: When desired, tax-deductible receipts of donation can be issued. Please provide your name and address alongside the transferal for this purpose.

WiSe 2017/18 AKTUELL

PTH Münster
VL M13: Religionssoziologie (Eggensperger) >>
HS M19: Spiritualität ohne Gott? (Engel) >>
Universität Potsdam
Seminar: Wieviel Staat ist mit den Religionen zu machen?
(Eggensperger / Engel) >>
École biblique Jerusalem
• Seminar: Muslim polemics against Judaism, Christianity, and the Bible (Halft) >>
Seminar: Shīʿī Muslim-Christian Encounters in the 10th-Century (Halft) >>
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